Yoga is for EVERYONE.


Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself. -Rumi

my yoga philosophy is simple: it’s for EVERYONE! old and young. athletic or not-so-athletic. flexible or maybe-one-day-i-will-touch-my-toes. total beginners or seasoned pros. female, male, trans or something in progress. it’s for the skaters and punk rockers. those with tons of money, not-a-penny-to-your-name or somewhere in the middle. it’s for the old lady who lives alone or the kids at the park. it’s for your math teacher and the internet person you’ve been waiting for… eight hours. yoga is for everyone.

yoga is a moving meditation. to help center your thoughts to the present moment. to concentrate and develop awareness- which is one of the reasons i call my practice ‘no future yoga’.

your practice is what you make it, what you want it to be. yoga can be a way to set small goals and celebrate the moments when your finally do reach your f*ing toes.

in the end it’s not about touching your toes, it’s journey on the way there.

styles of yoga i’ve practiced:

  • Raja
  • Vinyasa
    • Core Strength Vinyasa
  • Iyengar
  • Ashtanga
  • Power
  • Hatha
  • Yin (Restorative)
  • Acroyoga

training courses i’ve completed:

  • Thai Yoga massage certificate from Sunshine House Greece 2013
  • Belly massage Betty Papadopoulou’s workshop München 2014
  • Teacher Training 60 hrs Yoga Makes a Difference Amsterdam 2016
  • Rockstar Teacher Training (CSV) 20 hrs Sadie Nardini Online 2018-19
  • Evolution Teacher Training (CSV) 18 hrs Sadie Nardini Online 2019-20

just in case you have nothing else to do…

here’s my personal story:

yoga has been in my life since 2006. it’s been my best friend in the sunshine on a beach listening to the ocean. it’s been my arch nemesis hiding in the shadows, making me fall on my face (at least a million times). yoga has shown me warmth on a snowy day, alone in front of a wood burning stove full of wet wood refusing to burn. yoga has given me strength in the weakest moments and has taught me to pay attention to my body and to listen to the world around me.

everyday it reminds me to breathe and to sit up straight in front of my computer. they say it’s the small things in life that matter the most. i’ve been collecting those small moments for awhile now. learning how to piece them together with my body, my mind and my being. sometimes I abandoned yoga, sometimes I gave up on it, screaming at it, crying because of it, but it was always there and waiting when I was ready to come back to it. yoga has given me a thoughtful perspective and a healthy body. i am infinitely grateful to this ancient yet perpetually evolving practice.

the first class i ever taught was a spontaneous accident at a festival in a forest behind a broken castle. i co-lead this class with a bunny in a cape. squidbunnyoga.

meanwhile, back in my cave, i study the body. anatomy, physiology, massage, Eastern medicine, philosophy. life is about learning, constant, perpetual learning. everything in the world is eternally moving and changing, the mind should be no different. no borders in the mind means no borders in the outside world. create the world you want to live in. my wanderlust for knowledge has taken me on many intense adventures and i’m sure many more await.


Yoga is for EVERYONE!

4 thoughts on “Yoga is for EVERYONE.

  1. YES! I’ve wanted to try yoga for so long! This got me super pumped up to try it out. Been a bit apprehensive with it because there are so many forms of it. Great article, do you feature your writing with any other sites at all?


    1. Hi Mike! thanks for your comment and for reading! 😀 i’m happy to hear this inspired you to give yoga a try! it’s a wonderful thing. it’s never easy, but stick with it! i’ll try to post more regularly here.
      i do write in lots of forms on other sites, not very regularly but i’m hoping to improve that here!
      let me know if you want/need advice or help about any yoga stuff 😉

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      1. Ok sweet! I just got back from a holiday visiting home for Mother’s Day so I think now that I’m back I’ll give yoga a try. Tips/advice would be awesome! We have a fb group with active, fit people sharing their articles and tips quite often if you’d like to join us? It would be great to have someone there who’s into yoga! Here’s the link –

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      2. hope you had a nice visit! i’ll be doing a monthly post about yoga stuff here, so watch this space for upcoming posts!

        tips for starting out:

        1. set realistic goals – you’re not going to get your foot behind your head on the first day.
        2. learn how YOUR body moves. every body is different. and that same body is different on each side. look and feel what YOU are doing, if you’re in a class don’t look too much at what other people are doing. and mirrors are for dance classes, not yoga.
        3. avoid eating or drinking a lot right before yoga. your stomach should be relatively empty so you can move more comfortably. think about what you were told with swimming.

        the final thing (for now anyway) is…

        just keep yogaing! it takes decades to master some poses so there’s no rush. yoga will be there. you will be there. just keep yogaing!

        thanks for reading and commenting! looking forward to hearing about your progress!

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